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The craftmanship of ours which started at 1981, has been processed with effort, hard work, mind, health, wisdom, information, value and experience. It has been a fund for the new products, new horizons and innovations. It created values to its' customers and consumers. Craftman, gave the name of 'Efor' to the work that he worked on for years by hand. With Efor brand name he presented to the healthy livings, products like stainless bins, bathroom accessories and wet floor equipments. It created this equation; Hygiene + Experience + Craftsman = Efor The Art of Stainless Steel Nowadays, Efor brand, with its quality, make his name known to the all world countries. Our products, exported domestically everywhere in our country, and at abroad particularly to Russia, Middle East and also to other countries. Efor "Redefined the hygiene!", while creating solutions for the needs and expectations of the customers, with its 'Quality product and production, work-life' principle. Efor The Art of Stainless Steel, is continuing to present quality service to all humanity at its' journey of the increasing the life quality "From the Craftsmans' hand..'.



“İstoç Tic. Merk., 28. Yol Kuzey Plaza No: 185 Kat: 6, Bağcılar, İstanbul, Turkey”

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